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Our Crew

  • Jim Williams - Ditch Rider, Co-Crew Leader, Welder, and Heavy Equipment Operator, Jim has been with TSID since 2009. He has worked on the McKenzie Canyon Pipeline, Main Canal Pipeline, Fish Screen, Diversion, Watson Hydro, Micro Hydro, private lateral piping projects, and on farm projects.   
  • Louie Cooper - Heavy Equipment Operator - Louie was a ditch rider back when the district still had ditches. He is working with the crew on piping and on farm projects as well as the hydro projects.
  • Bryson French -  Bryson is working with the crew on piping and on farm projects, including  installing pipe, delivering water, as well as the hydro projects
  • Nic Graybeal - The new kid on the block. Nic is learning everything he can about installing pipe, delivering water, hydro-electric power plants, and working for an irrigation district.