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​​Other Completed Projects


This project involved piping approximately 3000 linear feet of the 7000 linear feet ditch. The project conserves between 50- to 75-acre feet per irrigation season.


The Brown project involved the elimination of an approximately 8000 foot ditch. The 5 farms that the ditch served were all converted from on farm flood irrigation to pressurized sprinklers. The project conserves over 500-acre feet per irrigation season.

Bartlemay Pipeline

The Bartlemay Pipeline was a model conservation project, 7200 linear feet of open ditch with a 50% loss factor has been put in pipe and buried. Three of the five ponds have been lined. The project conserves from 300- to 500-acre feet per season.


The project eliminated the approximately 7000 feet Thompson Ditch. This allowed the return of 1 cfs of 1885 senior water right and 1 cfs junior 1900 water right to the stretch of Whychus Creek between TSID’s diversion and the proposed diversion point on the Deggendorfer property. The project also eliminated existing ditch losses and changed the flood irrigation to a sprinkler system, directly resulting in conservation of water applied to existing crops.


The Cloverdale canal serves 1000 acres of farmland in Three Sisters Irrigation District. Traditionally the transmission loss of the canal has been between 45% and 55%. As a result when running the maximum flow of 20 cfs, approximately only 10 cfs was being delivered to the farmers. By piping 14880 linear feet of the canal TSID hoped to save 4-6 cfs in transmission losses. TSID dedicated 2 cfs to instream with 2 cfs to be available to all the farmers in the district.

As a result of mediation with one of the land owners on whose property the pipeline was to cross, the last 3600 linear feet was moved farther down the canal to an area that had seepage problems. It is expected that moving the pipeline will have little, if any, impact on the water savings initially planned.


This project replaced approximately 8000 linear feet of open ditch with HDPE ADS pipe. The project conserves from 200- to 300-acre feet per season.


This project replaced approximately 6000 linear feet of 7000 linear feet of open ditch with culvert and PVC. This project was unique because 3 of the landowners paid for the whole project without the help of any grant monies. The project conserves from 200- to 300-acre feet per season.


This project replaced an existing open lateral with a buried pipeline. It provides irrigation water for approximately 475 acres. The project consisted of piping approximately the first 19,000 linear feet of ditch. This distance will include sections traveling through Forest Service lands and very high seepage reaches of canal.

Benefits will be accrued due to water savings, electrical energy conservation and reduction of operation and management costs. The water savings in this project are of special consideration because the reduction of diversion flows from Whychus Creek will increase in-stream flows on a year round basis. Whychus Creek has traditionally been completely dewatered during the irrigation season and only recently has a year round flow been established. The conservation efforts of the Three Sisters Irrigation District and local conservation organizations are responsible for the augmented flows. The project will return a flow rate of 1.5 cubic foot per second to Whychus Creek and annually conserve an estimated total of 600-acre feet of water.


This project replaced approximately 6000 linear feet of open ditch with HDPE. This project was a huge improvement for the 5 landowners. Prior to the piping each landowner received water just 1 day a week. The project conserves from 200- to 300-acre feet per season.

Vetterlein Ditch

This project replaced approximately 15000 linear feet of open ditch with HDPE. The project conserves .5 cfs per day. This pipeline is a lateral off the Fryrear pipeline. As a result of the pipeline’s gradient the water user now has 80 psi operating pressure at the end of the pipeline and they have eliminated their electric pumps on their lower fields.

Arnold Ditch

This project replaced approximately 9240 linear feet of open ditch with PVC pipe. This project serves 6 landowners that farm 155 acres. The project will conserve from 300- to 400-acre feet per season.

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