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Marc Thalacker, Board of Director

Marc has been the manager of Three Sisters Irrigation District since 1997. As a farmer in Central Oregon since 1988 he has firsthand experience in the needs of irrigators. At the beginning of his irrigation management career Marc saw the writing on the wall and started pre-emptive measures to restore water to the creek while maintaining, and improving, water distribution to TSID patrons.

Over the last 25 years TSID has piped the district with HDPE pipe and installed the 750 kW Watson Hydroelectric facility, which generated close to 3 MW in 2016. The Micro-Hydro Demonstration Project was installed in 2018. The current project is a 250 kW McKenzie Hydroelectric facility which will be completed in 2022.

Marc has been recognized for his work in conservation by various agencies and lauded by TSID patrons for his work in improving irrigation water distribution. His ultimate goal is to make TSID carbon neutral. Marc serves on several boards including Oregon Water Resources Congress and Family Farm Alliance and is actively involved in irrigation and water rights legislation.

 In January 2024 Marc stepped down as Manager, but was elected to the Board of Directors for Division 2.